Since May 19th 2016, the Airborne Museum has opened a new building : The Ronald Reagan Franco American Conference Center

In its standard configuration, half of the space will be occupied by a temporary exhibition and a large cinema with 120 seats will occupy the second part. For special events, at seminars or conferences, the space will be redeveloped to accommodate the programs of activities of the museum.

The Ronald Reagan Foundation, whose President is Michel Reagan, wanted to financially support this project and create a long-lasting partnership including the organization of conferences.
The inaugural exhibition (from july 2016) will focus on “The Battle of the Ardennes, Bastogne, winter 1944”. The December 16, 1944, Hitler launches a major offensive through the Belgian Ardennes to regain the port of Anvers and repel the allied forces. These are taken by surprise because of the suddenness and speed of the attack. Urgently, General Eisenhower decided to send reinforcements (some units hold in reserve in France). The Battle of the Bulge was very hard and deadly for the Allied forces were facing a very harsh winter and a severe lack of supplies of food and weapons.
The battle of the bulge will not end until late January 1945.
This new exhibition will also highlight the way of freedom starting from Sainte-Mère-Eglise and arriving in Bastogne and the role of Patton’s army in the Battle of the Bulge.