June 1st, 1944: It’s forbidden to leave the camp at night, but also by day! Overnight we no longer had the right to put the nose outside the camp! I have not even been able to explain to Alice that I could not come to see her … I know they enclose us before leaving for Europe but it means that I could not even say goodbye … All the time I tried to pass a note to one of the guards, he took it but when he didn’t  see me I saw him crumple my paper …he won’t give it to her …
Officers warned us: our letters will be read and censored if they read any information about what we are doing here. If they are coded phrases or too many details we will be punished! I can’t tell Alice that I’m leaving on a mission, here are a few words that I left her, “Alice, darling. Forgive me, I love you and I promise that nothing will separate us: neither time nor distance … see you soon. James”




June 1st, 1944: Something is preparing here, we no longer have the right to leave the camp! The officers briefings but for the moment we are not aware they are waiting for the last moment. The wait is long here, we care as we can. We sleep a lot, I went for a haircut and my equipment has never been so clean: our weapons are pampered! Fortunately we can do sports and go to the movies … but inside the camp! I also write a lot to my family and to Mary, they are delighted to have so many letters but I’m looking forward to finally fight for them and my country!

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