July 23rd, 1943: Sicilians surrender! Victory! At first, it was quite complicated, the majority of men landed several kilometers from their drop zone but after three weeks on site we won!

Earlier, during the battle, with some comrades, we were under fire from enemy artillery. Thanks to a well-placed wall we could replicate by being covered and we managed to put all the men out of action. Although the act of surrender is signed we stay in Italy as occupation troops and we will be repatriated to Morocco.

September 17th, 1943: We have been repatriated in Morocco on August 16th. After 3 weeks of rest, we have been called on a mission: a landing on Italy held on September 9th, but the forces were underestimated, which why we were called in reinforcement. The errors of the last release have been corrected: pathfinders were dropped at first to mark drop zones, so the jump on Italy has been more accurate and we could be effective immediately after the landing.

October 1st, 1943: hit but not down! I have been shot in… the posterior! The guys had a good laugh Nevertheless it really hurts! However, I was lucky: I can always walk! I hoisted the American flag on the city of Naples with two friends, we are very proud of us!


September 30th, 1943: We joined Scotland by boat to eventually reach England. We’ll stay a few weeks. Regarding our future mission is complete darkness : we do not know at all where we’ll fight. We look forward to a mission, for far too long we have been waiting …

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