September 1st 1944: I had a special permission! Mike is in the same situation as me! I always dreamed of going to Paris…! The capital has just been released a few days ago, good news! It’s true that I imagined to go with Mary … but Mike is a very funny friend! I learned from guys on the airport that a plane was leaving the very next day to France, in Normandy …
From Normandy, we joined Paris by Jeep. We were amazed to see the city so beautiful … We expected to see collapsed buildings but no…. Of course there were still some clues that indicated that Paris has been released as destroyed vehicles, barricades, damaging streets but Paris remained beautiful …
We spent 3 days there! Three days of pure happiness! We were greeted as heroes: women wanted to kiss us (Mike was so happy to give their kisses back !!), the men offered us some drinks (it’s very rude to refuse!) And children asked for sweets and we’re happy to do so!
We visited the Eiffel Tower of course and also Montmartre and on the advice of Parisians: the Moulin Rouge! It was a very entertaining evening but I won’t tell that to Mary in my next letter … haha!

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