June 10th, 1942: We arrived this morning at the camp. Some instructors gathered us for the debriefing, it was hard to listen carefully, I’m so eager to start, I can’t wait to work and go on mission!
After the hairdresser and Immunization, they give us our equipment: work clothes (pants, shoes, shirts, a cap), combination, combat clothing, backpack, lunch box, a flask, a shovel, a blanket … we did an inventory … then folded all our clothes.
We are lucky, James and I are in the same barrack! We had to tidy up and fold our clothes in the closet and wait for the inspection. When my turn came, the instructor undid my bed and emptied my whole wardrobe, it wasn’t so bad but this is it… I warned that if I don’t make my bed well and if my shirts are not properly folded, the whole barracks will do it again! I better progress if I don’t want to become the scapegoat of the dorm!

June 11th, 1942: We had an athletic wake at 6am : running (I think between 5 to 6 miles), after a shower we learnt to walk together. The program for the afternoon was: obstacle course and combat preparation package: we had to take our business in our closet, put them in the bag, undo the bag to finally tidy up all stuff them in the closet. I would rather have done the obstacle course again…


June 12th, 1942: I had to say goodbye to my hair! Mary wouldn’t like to see me like that, she loved my hair! Those first days were very well for me, I was a little afraid of not being enough strong compared to others but not all of them are as robust as John!
I see even in my small size some advantages: first, portions of the canteen are enough for me and my agility helps a lot for some exercises! I’m more enduring when running and I suffer less than others during the obstacle course I quickly sneak under the wire, I pass tree truncks without difficulty and I love climbing rope.
I am enjoying this ease that certainly will not last: it will be much more complicated wich the power struggles!
We saw our weapons, me and all the guys were excited to manipulate! We just learned to mount / dismount, we will have to wait for the shooting session!
The instructor told us today that we should know soon what regiment we will be affected in…

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