July 15, 1944: We are back in England since few days! A little rest will do us good! We took the boat in Utah Beach and did the reverse path of D-Day.

We need to accustom ourselves to the calm of England: we don’t need to be on the alert here. But habits are hard to forget: at every suspicious noise we have the reflex to seek our weapon.

We can go out, I could finally see my dear Alice, what a joy to see her again! I am so happy ! I introduced her to my friends who had made me promise in Normandy! They asked her if she have friends or sisters to introduce them!

Yesterday we met the new US recruits! They just came from USA! Not too long ago I was just like them but not i feel like it’s been years … so many things happened. We have shared so much together: training, fights, wins and losses too … because obviously we came back without them, our friends fell in Normandy …

I understand that some guys haven’t a good feeling with them. This is not so much that they are new as because they replace deads …
However, we will all have to stick together and learn to trust them because one day we will have to fight together…

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