Episode 16


47-1June 6, 1944: Once my eyes are accustomed to the darkness I realize that the shadows that paralyzed me because I thought they were enemies are actually… cows!
I begin walking but I do not know where to go.
While I ‘m behind a hedge, I hear some noise: some people move but they don’t speak so I can’t know if they are Americans or Germans. I take my cricket but I hesitate: if they are Germans, I will draw their attention and I will be spotted. As a precaution I take out a grenade and then I take the risk to start my cricket, “click”. The answer is soon to arrive “Click Click”: what a relief!PYL_0067
I join my comrades of the 101st Airborne. One of them has a map and a compass: we’re in the sector of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, about 10 km from our goal Angoville au Plain.
So we go across the fields and hedgerows. After around 2 kms we hear a huge explosion: A mine !!!! shootings of a machine gun MG-42 respond almost immediately to the explosion: we spotted! I turn around to hide behind a hedge. We try to shoot them but we’ll never reach them if they remain hidden! I decide to crawl to their hideout and then launch a grenade. Shootings stops. I cross the hedge and discovered two Germans. We discover that one of them had a criquet! He must have taken on one of ours, we won’t use it anymore.
I call guys, but Jack does not respond … the mine, he was him …


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