My dear love,

I hope everything goes well for you, here we have some busy days… I no longer work in the sewing workshop … They were looking for women to work in the factory so I went. It makes me feel closer to you by working for the same cause than you and especially I think that if we, women, are working well you would maybe go back faster, don’t you think so?
L'autre "Rosie la riveteuse"
For less than a month I work in an ammunition factory, for my part, I’m on a line that produces bombs of 550 pound, which are intended to be dropped by bombers. Do you saw how they are huge? I try as much as possible to tell me that I’m working to help you, but since few days I do some nightmares, I dream that I make bombs that destroy a village full of women and children. Kids had some blood everywhere on them and they run and cried not to find their mothers …

I’m sorry to bother you with this, you probably do not want or need to hear these things! I may be a little tired at the present time, I go at work early in the morning and when I leave the work I help mom at home. We, women are doing pretty well, but we would have liked not to have to do it …

Take care my sweet love; I embrace you as much as I love you.

I’ll write you a letter tomorrow less melancholic I promise.

Your Mary

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