May 3rd, 1942: Hello, my name is John W. and here’s my story … I was born in 1922 in Lafayette, Ohio. I live in a farm with my family in this small town. I have a younger brother , he is 7 years old and two sisters aged 14 and 22 years old. My father wants me to work with him on the farm, but I would like to leave the village … I love my family is not the problem but I see everything that happens in the world and I want to take part in! With James, my childhood friend, we have been talking about this for several months; we learned that Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor! It isn’t only Europe that is affected but also the United States! We can’t let them do, what will they do next? I want to go, I want to participate in this and I want to protect my country!

May 19th, 1942: today was the big day! I passed the test to join the army this morning but I haven’t quite good view to be a pilot. I’m disappointed, yes, but I’m thinking about integrate airborne troops. The wage is really interesting; with this money I could help my family.

The arrival on the camp


May 3rd, 1942: It is decided with John we will engage! I have not even told my parents nor Mary, I don’t want them discourage me … My father wants me to stay in the shop to replace him, Mary certainly won’t understand my commitment in the Army, she would get married right away … I will tell them that I will come back at the end of the war, I won’t be gone long… I would not feel worthy if I let others do mine and moreover I will go with my best friend John: United, we will be stronger!

May 19th, 1942: “Too puny!” I have just been send home from the engagement office! I’m barely mounted on the scale they told me that I will not do it! But what do they know? They can ’t forbid me to protect my country because I lack 7 lbs! I’ll eat and eat again until I reach the required weight…!

May 30th, 1942: I managed to gain 9 lbs in almost two weeks! It was really hard… I passed all the tests and I am able to integrate the US Army! I’ll enlist as John with the airborne troops; in addition it seems that we walk less than in the infantry … I’m going to celebrate with Joe!

The arrival on the camp

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