Options should be requested by telephone or in writing, with approximate numbers

The options shall be maintained up to the deadline indicated on the contract sent to the client.

The exact number of people should be confirmed at least 5 working days before the service booked is due to be provided.

Changes and bookings should be made through our reservations department:

Tel.: +33 (0) 334 141 35 during the opening hours of the Museum e-mail: infos@airborne-museum.org


Prices and payment

The rates included with these General Sales Conditions are set out with all taxes included, in euros. These rates are in force until 31 December 2015. They may be amended without prior notice (variation in taxes).
Payment shall be made on the day of the visit by cheque, in cash or by credit card in force at the site.
Deferred payment shall be accepted on the presentation of a voucher or order form (with the prior consent of our departments). In this case, you will be sent an invoice by the Airborne Museum.


Conditions of cancellation or modification

Cancellation or modification of the visit to the Airborne Museum : No cost
Changes to the number of people on a day package:

If the client chooses to turn down any of the planned services, they will not be liable for refund or compensation by The Airborne Museum.


During the visit, the group leaders must make sure that the people being accompanied behave appropriately and do not disturb the visit for the general public, particularly by disruptive behaviour. The Airborne Museum reserves the right to force such visitors to exit the premises immediately. In this case, the group shall not be able to claim any refund with regard to services paid for.

The Airborne Museum cannot be held responsible for unexpected events, cases of force majeure or any third parties outside of the provision of services provided for in the contract.

The Airborne Museum shall not, in any event, be liable for the transfer of meal or accommodation services to another location, or for the closing of attractions decided for technical purposes by other service provide.



Claims must be sent within 8 days of the visit by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
The Airborne Museum undertakes to provide a written reply. In the event of a dispute, and failure to reach an amicable settlement, only the courts shall have jurisdiction to rule in the matter. The law applicable shall be French law.