JOHN ET JAMES LES PARAS DU JOUR JIn 2016, on facebook and the website of the museum: Miniserie facebook: “D-Day american paratroopers.” The museum offers to users connecting to follow John and James, two young men who joined the army in 1942 to become paratroopers. Enlisted for one in the 101st Airborne and for the second in the 82nd Airborne, Facebook fans will discover their adventures, their lives before, during and after the landing in Normandy.

5th of February : Publishing of the book “Objective Sainte-Mère-Eglise :  US paratroopers of the D-Day,” which revolves around the collections of the Airborne Museum

April: launch of the Airborne Reality application

May, 1st : Opening and inauguration of the Ronald Reagan Conference Center

May 13th to October 15th: Exhibition “A camp for German prisoners in Foucarville”Un camp de prisonniers allemands à foucarville 1944 1947_40x60cm bdf OK

Few people know the history of the camp of German prisoners built between 1944 and 1947. This place called “Continental Central Enclosure No. 19” originally planned for 20,000 men had to expand to accommodate up to 60 000. A real city was built gradually, with electric lighting, roads, sanitation, and water supply ensuring the consumption of 600,000 liters per day.

This exhibition will present information, unpublished or confidential testimonies and original items, never showed to the public. Beyond life in the camp, outdoor work, relationships between prisoners and the local population, the exhibition questions the role of the prison world that displayed a rehabilitation objective of young Germans to democracy.

Night at the Airborne Museum Sainte mere EgliseMay 21 from 19h to 23h: Night at the Airborne Museum

Board on the Argonia! This genuine aircraft participated in the airdrop operations on 6 and 7 June 1944 during the Normandy landings. Visitors will be able to board on it and get a guided tour in the presence of a paratrooper in uniform.

Numerous activities: Guided tour, the American Paratrooper The preparation and inventory of equipment, medical equipment presentation, presentation of a US reconnaissance plane.


June 3:

  • 02:00pm : Screening of the film “prisoner of the D-Day” (in french).

June 4, 14h30 and 16h: Theatre play evoking the life of Simone Renaud (wife of Mayor in 1944) Bilingual piece, museum entrance rates, without booking.

June 6, 14h30 and 16h: Theatre play evoking the life of Simone Renaud (wife of Mayor in 1944) Bilingual piece, museum entrance rates, without booking.

June, 1 to June, 8: re-enactment of a camp “Geronimo” featuring the American airborne troops in Normandy.affiche 40x60cm Camp Géronimo bdf
Many workshops and activities on the camp: battery commissioning, field hospital demonstration tanks, vehicle parades, battle simulation.

  • From Friday, 3rd June to Tuesday, 7th june at 10:30 am and 12:30pm (Chènevière place) : US Vehicles show
  • Saturday, 4th June and Sunday, 5th June at 10:00am and 02:00 pm: Demonstration of a battery of three 105 mm guns
  • Saturday, 4th June and Sunday, 5th June at 03:00pm (Chènevière place): Boarding demonstration of a paratrooper stick
  • Sunday, 5th June from 06:00pm : parades of vehicules
  • In continuous at the camp : Field Hospital, battle station, paratroopers and pathfinders Equipments, demonstration of tanks, presentation of a US reconnaissance plane, refueling area and vehicle maintenance

WARNING: fromb June 23rd to July 3rd, the parking in front of the museum will be inaccessible, Please park in the parking at the south of the museum

June 30: Presentation of teams of the Tour de France in Sainte-Mère-Eglise. Be careful, the museum is closed this day.

July: Opening of the exhibition “The Battle of the Ardennes, Bastogne, winter 1944

December 16, 1944, Hitler launches a major offensive through the Belgian Ardennes to regain the port of Anvers and repel the allied forces. These are taken by surprise because of the suddenness and speed of the attack. Urgently, General Eisenhower decided to send reinforcements (some units hold in reserve in France). The Battle of the Bulge was very hard and deadly for the Allied forces were facing a very harsh winter and a severe lack of supplies of food and weapons. The battle of the bulge will not end until late January 1945.

This new exhibition will also highlight the way of freedom starting from Sainte-Mère-Eglise and arriving in Bastogne and the role of Patton’s army in the Battle of the Bulge.

17 and 18 September: Conference as part of the exhibition “A camp for German prisoners in Foucarville” (in french)