The Airborne Museum of Sainte-Mère Eglise is one of the museums dedicated to the landings of the Second World War. The Airborne Museum is dedicated to American paratroopers and their involvement in the Liberation and Battle of Normandy. In this museum, you will discover how American paratroopers operated to facilitate the arrival of Allied troops on the landing beaches, particularly on Utah Beach.

D-Day Beaches Museum The Airborne Museum is a modern structure that will take you back in time to better understand the issues related to the 1939-1945 war. Thanks to its histopad, an interactive tablet, you can easily get more information about the classic visit. You will also have the ability to manipulate certain elements of the museum through the tablet such as weapons or costumes.

The Airborne Museum will also allow you to see and even enter real aircraft used during the Second World War. For example, you could go to a Douglas C-47 in a fascinating reconstruction of an American troop drop on Sainte-Mère-Eglise. The scenography of this museum has been designed to help you better understand the state of mind of Allied soldiers during the various actions of the Liberation of France by the Allies, from the departure by plane to the battles of the Normandy hedges for example.


Rates of the visit

The prices of the visit vary according to age and number of people. It is possible to organize guided tours for groups of 20 or more people. More information on the prices of the museum visit can be found on the dedicated page of our website.


D-Day Beaches MuseumAccess the Airborne Museum

The Airborne Museum is located in Sainte-Mère-Eglise in La Manche in Normandy. Only 1 hour by car from Caen, it is located not far from various major tourist sites such as Mont Saint-Michel or Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. Thus, the museum fits particularly well into more complete tours of Basse-Normandie thanks to its unique geographical location. The museum is easily accessible from the National Road 13 which links Caen to Cherbourg.

The Airborne Museum is open all year  from Monday to Sunday with variable opening hours depending on the time of year. The museum closes its doors in December and January excepted during school holidays.