Where the museum becomes a fun learning experience !

The Airborne Museum offers parents and teachers the opportunity to organise visits for children and teenagers around a tactile tablet (provided at the entrance of the museum and included in the price) or a children’s guide (from 6 to 15 years old, free download on this page or €1 in ticket office)
Your child will be able to discover the history of the Normandy Landings while having fun thanks to the various activities on the HistoPad or the booklet (Treasure Hunt, Selfie in uniform for the HistoPad and quizzes, rebuses, drawings and many others for the game book).
When he returns home, he will be delighted to keep in memory his Airborne Museum guide or to receive by e-mail his historical selfie as well as the war relic hunter medal.

Our educational booklets have been built in collaboration with teachers and adapted to the school curriculum program.

List of available guides depending on age range :




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Visiting the museum with the whole class…

The museum has an educational seating room (45 seats). It’s possible to reserve it for work studies wished by the teacher. Please contact the museum to book it.


If you are looking for an activity for children in La Manche, you are in the right place! The Airborne Museum will welcome children and teenagers to discover the Normandy Landings in a fun way. The museum has a dedicated children’s trail.

Thanks to the tablet given at the entrance of the museum, your child will be able to discover games to make his visit even more interesting. When you discover the museum, your child will participate in a treasure hunt or take a picture of himself dressed as a parachutist, a soldier or a nurse.  The objects in the museum that might seem boring to him or her will come to life on his or her HistoPad tablet, he or she will be able to manipulate them with his or her fingers and understand how it works. The Airborne Museum is a perfect place for a family outing in Normandy, summer and winter, whether it is sunny or rainy. 

Who Did say that playing and visiting a museum was not compatible? At the Airborne Museum, we believe that a child who does not yawn is a child who will be interested! Thanks to game booklets and games on the HistoPad tablet, our little visitors get closer to collectibles to appreciate their history, these supports adapted to young people dusted off the objects of the past to make them attractive and interesting! For a walk in La Manche, a family outing in Normandy or simply to share an activity with the children, the Airborne Museum is open 7 days a week between February and November.