Where the museum becomes a fun learning experience !

The Airborne Museum offers parents and teachers to set up and organize visits around an educational booklet. Free download on this page or 1€ at the ticket office (booklet+correction).

Your child will be able to discover the history of the D-Day landings in Normandy all while having fun thanks to special sections of the booklet (drawing, games, cross words etc…) When you get back home he/she ‘ll be happy to have a souvenir Airborne Museum booklet guide.

Our educational booklets have been built in collaboration with teachers and adapted to the school curriculum program.

List of available guides depending on age range :




Also available in booklet size : print on both sides, fold the note book and that’s ready!

Note book 6-8 years old Note book 9-11 years old / Note book 12-15 years old


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Visiting the museum with the whole class…

The museum has an educational seating room (38 seats). It’s possible to reserve it for work studies wished by the teacher. Please contact the museum to book it.