A bridge too far : Market-Garden, the biggest airborne operation during the IIWWThe September 17, 1944 began the operation Market Garden in the Netherlands. It aims to take control of five strategic bridges to bypass the German defenses on the Rhin and thus penetrate the heart of Nazi Germany.

More than 35,000 American, British and Polish paratroopers participated in this unprecedented airborne assault. They will be supported on the ground by the 30th British Corps.

This operation ended in failure for the Allies, notably due to the hard resistance of German troops. Indeed the Allies will fail to take the last bridge: the Arnhem bridge was “a bridge too far.”

Until September 19, visitors of the Airborne Museum will able to explore the context and the objectives of this operation, the events day per day and thus understand the reasons for its failure. Uniforms, photographs and objects of unpublished collections will be presented in the new building “Operation Neptune”. The exhibition runs until 27 September 2015.