Order of battle – 101st Airborne

101st Airborne Division.


Order of battle June 1944


Commanding General: Major General Maxwell D. Taylor
Assistant commanding : Brigadier General Don F. Pratt  (KIA 6 june).
                                            Brigadier General Anthony C.McAuliffe.

Chief of staff : Colonel Gerald J. Higgins
G-1 (Personnel) : Lt.Colonel Ned D.Moore
G-2 (Intelligence) : Major Arthur M.Sommerfield, Major Paul A.Danahy (from 7 july).

G-3 (Operations) : Lt.Colonel Raymond D.Millener, Lt-Colonel Harold W.Hannah (1 july).

G-4 (Supply) : Lt.Colonel Carl W.Kohls

G-5 (Civil Affairs) : Major Glen C.Eberle, Major Charles H.Stephens (from 18 june).

Pathfinders Co. .
Captain Franck Lillyman (502).

327th Glider Infantry Regiment .
Colonel George S.Wear, Colonel Joseph H.Harper (from 10 june).

1/327: Lt.Colonel Hartford F.Salee (WIA 10 june), Captain George P.Nichols.

2/327: Colonel thomas J.Rouzie

3/327 1/401: Lt.Colonel Ray C.Allen

501st   Parachute Infantry Regiment
Colonel Howard R.Johnson
Lt Colonel Robert C.Carrol (KIA 6 june), Lt.Colonel Harry Kinnard (from 8 june).
Lt.Colonel Robert Ballard
Lt.Colonel Julian Ewell

502th  Parachute Infantry Regiment
Colonel George Moseley  (WIA 6 june), Lt.Colonel John H.Michaelis (from 9 june).
Lt.Colonel Patrick F.Cassidy
Lt.Colonel Steve A.Chappuis
Lt.Colonel Robert G.Cole 

506th  Parachute Infantry Regiment
Colonel Robert F.Sink
Lt.Colonel William L.Turner (KIA 7 june), Lt.Colonel James LaPrade (from 7 june)
Lt.Colonel Robert L.Strayer
Lt.Colonel Robert L.Wolwerton (KIA 6 june),  Major Oliver M.Horton (from june)

377th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
Lt.Colonel Benjamin Weisberg

81st Airborne Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
Lt.Colonel X.B.Cox Jr

326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
Lt.Colonel John C.Pappas (KIA 13 june)

326th Airborne Medical Company
Major William Barfield

HQ 101st Airborne Division Artillery
Military Police Platoon
321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion
907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
101st Airborne Signal Company
801st Airborne Ordnance Company
426th Airborne Quartermaster Company